What is the F-Gas Logbook?

The logbook has been designed to help ensuring compliance with Art. 6 of the European F-Gas Regulation (EC) N°517/2014.

It is an electronic tool for operators of equipment to facilitate their mandatory record keeping of the quantity and type of F-Gases that were installed, added or recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal.

The need for record keeping
The revised F-gas Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 includes new record keeping requirements. These apply to operators of equipment containing F-Gases in quantities of > 5 tonnes of C02-equivalent and to hermetically sealed equipment containing F-Gases in quantities of > 10 tonnes of C02-equivalent. Foams and the majority of electrical switchgear equipment are excluded.
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Data Security
All data will be secured using SSH encryption and can only be accessed by your company and by EFCTC on an aggregated basis for statistical analysis
Why use the EFCTC logbook?
Easy record keeping

Frequent updates of new refrigerants and mixes
Centralised record keeping for companies with several installers

GWP calculation tool for new blends
Automated GWP calculation with over a hundred refrigerants and common mixes pre-loaded

Centralised record keeping ever for companies with multiple installers